Our strategy for Covid-19

Has someone occupying your commercial building become ill with COVID-19, or are you awaiting test results? The safest course of action is to consider the entire building contaminated and a potential risk to current occupants until you can perform the proper contact tracing. Decontamination and disifection will help you determine the areas that are safe for occupants compared to those that are high risk. Contact tracing is the best way to make sure that the areas that are contaminated are contained and disinfected properly, and ultimately makes the cost of decontamination more affordable while also getting you back in business faster.

We have developed our disinfection protocols based on interim guidance published by the CDC, OSHA, and EPA specie to SARS-CoV-2/COVI D-19. We have experienced Industrial Hygienists and medical professionals consistently reviewing our operating procedures for compliance. We are also researching effective protocols that have been utilized internationally. Our strategy is to provide practical decontamination solutions while maintaining compliance with government guidance. This ongoing process allows us to execute our mission of providing a smarter, safer, and more ecient recovery forbusinesses after a disaster.