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For Healthcare, Industrial, Office, Retail & Domestic Premises

Deep cleaning to the highest hygiene standards

At 360 Clean we specialise in deep cleaning business premises, including Coronavirus-containment. We work across multiple sectors including healthcare, industrial, education, retail, office and domestic premises in the Cheshire and North Wales area.

We like to think that we are a little different and have an established 4 step service which starts and ends with industry-leading ATP testing to establish the level of bacteria/pathogens and giving a clear trackable result of cleanliness.

Our deep clean dry steam decontamination uses antibacterial chemicals that kill up to 99.9% of bacteria (to BS EN 1276, 13704, 14476 and 14675 standards) and is followed with fogging which saturates of the atmosphere with antibacterial disinfectant, reaching all the areas which may be difficult to clean conventionally.

Where other companies may provide only fogging services to decontaminate we always dry steam first to ensure maximum deep cleaning.

COVID-19: Taking control of infection – Good cleaning practice

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Our 4 Step Cleaning Process

Hygiene/contamination testing


To give an industry recognised scale of cleanliness including bacteria levels. This verifies a level of cleanliness and trackable levels to record.

Adenosine Triphosphate or ATP is the energy molecule found in all living and once-living things and measuring the amount of ATP present with our industry leading SystemSure Plus monitoring system means information on the level of contamination on a surface can be established in just 15 seconds. 

Dry steam de-contamination


 To deep clean touchpoint and guarantee cleanliness including the 99.999% of bacteria killed via extreme dry steam and anti bacterial liquid. 

Designed for use where the highest standards of hygiene are required to control the spread of bacteria and viral infections. Dry steam heated to 175°C to decontaminate all types of surfaces including walls, floors and doors. 



 Saturating the atmosphere within an enclosed space to complete the deep cleaning process. 

Antibacterial disinfection for all hard and soft surfaces. A choice of fogging machines to suit all sizes of rooms upto 3000sq 3 in one application, the fogger leaves a fine layer of anti bacterial to facilitate the control of air born flora and micro-organisms using disinfectant atomised into the air, reaching every point of the room that touch point steam cleaning can’t reach. 



 Full report including pre and post cleaning results to satisfy staff and clients that the premises are 99.999% clear of all bacteria and cleaned to medical and care sector  standards. 

The services we offer

  • Coronavirus-containment

  • Ambulance and emergency vehicle cleaning
  • Emergency cleaning services

  • Healthcare cleaning services

  • Hygiene health check

  • Infection-control

  • Restore 24 – emergency disinfection package

  • Long and short term contracts available

The sectors we work in

  • Care home decontamination

  • Medical, dental & veternary premises
  • Office decontamination, large and small

  • Warehouse & retail premises decontamination

  • Restuarants & fast food premises
  • School decontamination
  • Sports centre decontamination
  • Agricultural & equestrian premises





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