Stain Treatment for carpet and upholstery

Stain Treatment for carpet and upholstery in Chester, Cheshire and the North West

360-clean offer you an emergency stain removal service, we will attend your home or business as soon as possible and will attempt to deal with and remove the stain or mark with our specialist chemicals.

strong advice: the quicker a spill or mark is dealt with the better chance a carpet cleaner will have in removing the problem. We recommend you do not use the cheap chemicals on the market as these products can make stain removal very difficult.

360-clean will try to extract the stain/ mark from your carpet or rug with the aid of specialised chemicals. Stains like wine, chocolate, tea, coffee or blood can all be removed if dealt with quickly. |please note even after our best efforts and industry-leading techniques and chemicals, no full extraction of a stain can be guaranteed as the accident may have caused irreversible damage to the carpet or fabric.

We also deal with pet stain removal and carpet and fabric urine stain removal throughout Chester and the North West. Please find on the services tabs and click “consultation” for a discussion and solution

Every service that we carry out is fully insured including treatment risk insurance and conducted by us as professional cleaners who are highly qualified with many training courses attended and years of experience to deal with all types of stains and marks.

Please click “consultation” for a discussion and solution

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