Restaurant Carpet Cleaning

Commercial Restaurant Carpet cleaning using TRUCK-MOUNTED STEAM for Chester, Cheshire and the North West.

At 360-CLEAN we use truck mounted commercial equipment mounted in the van that produces 120′ steam taken to your restaurant via two hoses in Cheshire and the North West.

This is the most effective and deepest clean available in the industry for a thorough clean and sanitation of your commercial carpets, this machine is up to 20 times more powerful than a Rental or DIY cleaning Machine and much more powerful than many of our competitors who use portable carpet cleaning machines that are more suited to residential cleaning .

Due to the power of the machine’s vacuum, we can deliver the quickest drying times in as little as 1 hour. This is paramount for restaurant premises that require a quick turnaround to return the area to client or staff use as soon as possible. Don’t fall into the trap of portable machines cleaning the area as the drying wait time is exponentially increased.

Our cleaning process is broken down here:

  1. Inspection of the carpet to determine the level of soiling and any stains.
  2. Pre-vacuum of rooms to remove dry debris
  3. Pre-spray carpet using specific degreasing and penetrative chemical to loosen grease and debris
  4. Agitation of the carpet fibres to loosen any great and debris
  5. Extraction flushing using the 120′ heat for the steamer to sanitise and remove every last trace of grease, debris and soiling from the carpet
  6. Deodorise the carpet leaving it smelling amazing, sanitised and clean
  7. Ask us about NANO protection for the long term protection of your carpet.

Please ask us about Carpet protection and its benefits to avoid stains and protect your carpet into the future, prelonging its life and look

With the most thorough clean you have ever seen and that your carpets will stay cleaner for much longer. We rinse with fresh water at ultra-high temperature, to ensure no nasty detergents or chemicals are left behind on your carpet. Because that can lead to rapid re-soiling, skin irritation or even cause your carpet to wear prematurely. This is the main problem with portable or rental machines, they tend to leave chemicals behind that stay sticky and attract dust and dirt causing the re-soiling fast.

Our Commercial disinfectant cleaning is a proven and certified disinfection cleaning method to combat bacteria and viruses including COVID-19. Your home will be made safe for your employees and customers using the same stringent standards as those practised in many hospitals, clinics, dental offices, and patient care facilities.

You don’t have to be there while our expert cleaners work. Just let us know how to get access—We run night shifts and can book weekends to suit the best time and the least disturbance to your business .

Quoting process:

We can’t guarantee we will be the cheapest. But we can guarantee you will be charged for the exact Square meterage needed and guarantee phenomenal results with our cleaning system and truck-mounted commercial cleaning machine with the least disruption to your business with the fastest drying times in the industy

Please note our other sections on hard floor cleaning for stone and tile and also our wood floor restoration work from Cheshire floor sanding, our sister company.

We clean everything in your restaurant you stand on!

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