Premises post renovation / builders flooring clean

Commercial Post Renovation / Painter / Builders clean for Chester, Cheshire and the North West 

So your latest building or renovation project is finally coming to an end. All you want to do is get the furniture into place, relax, and enjoy your new space and open the business back up . But you can’t quite get there because there’s a really big cleanup project staring you right in the face.

We think you deserve a break and would love to take care of the post-work cleanup for you. We use only the most professional products, equipment, and best practices to quickly get your renovated space ready for serious living!

We are experts at ” anything you walk on ” be it Wood flooring, Engineered Flooring, Stone, Tile or Carpet. After a building project, the dust and grime from the job need professionally removing.

With all the best will in the world, your builders or tradesman will endeavour to clean up BUT unless the floor is professionally cleaned it will retain damaging dust and debris that will rub, scratch and damage your expensive flooring.

Click the link below and explain a bit more of your needs and desires for your hard floor to us, We will organise a suitable time to come and see you, give suggestions and recommendations and complete a detailed quote. or call 01244315565

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