Artificial Grass Cleaning

Contrary to popular belief Artificial grass in Chester, Cheshire and the North West is most definitely NOT a “Fit and Forget” solution. 

What maintenance is required for artificial Grass?

Maintaining the structure of your turf requires regularly repositioning the sand infill occasionally and blades using a large natural bristle broom for smaller areas, but professional turf brushes are great options for those with expansive areas of turf.

Regularly removing of leaves and debris using a leaf blower, stiff brush or plastic rake is also a good maintenance practice and is included in our restoration service. It is also good to trim hedges and trees often to limit the number of leaves falling onto the lawn.

Apply weed killer twice a year to the whole area to prevent weeds from growing and to kill any stray ones. We will also apply weed killer to keep away the return of moss ingrained into the turf.

How do you rejuvenate artificial grass in Cheshire and the North West?

Simply sweeping the lawn with a normal broom would be great maintenance,  but let’s face it, we never have time for this as the grass was fitted usually to avoid the time-consuming process of lawn mowing.

The fibres were just flat for a brief time, but they would rise and be seen in all their glory. Your fake grass will seem to be brand new once more. Aside from normal wear and tear and injuries, artificial turf owners should undertake an occasional restoration process with us to ensure the consistency and durability of their turf.

Artificial turf can last anywhere from 15 to 25 years, depending on the application. Cleaning the lawn of debris, rinsing it periodically, and cross grooming it will make artificial turf last a long time. Let us help with this painstaking and often dirty process and restore the Grass to its installation glory.

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