COVID-19: Taking control of infection – Good cleaning practice

General Information

We will come to your premesis for free with no obligation to clean and swab test your surfaces and present cleaning conditions, in light of the present pandemic this would show on our meter how clean the premesis are in a level between a figure of less than 10 (industry medical care clean) 10 to 30 (needs cleaning) 30 plus (urgent cleaning). This is a 15 second test on site and determining RLU Pass/Fail limits is a fundamental element of a successful ATP cleaning verification program. If high levels of contamination persist on surfaces they will endanger patients and personnel. Deep cleaning advice would be given depending on the results.

Most businesses of general size will take around three hours but a full quote on size would be discussed when on site and after the ATP gives a result of what levels of bacteria and pathogins are present.

We can tailor a plan to your needs but have the standard options below:

1) A one off deep clean if the client wishes
2) 3 month deep cleaning plans with a twice monthly clean
3) 3 month deep cleaning plans with a weekly clean

By all means and absolutely recommended, but deep cleaning with our state of the art medical steamers and foggong machines are the best defence against all viruses and pathogins. Please read accompanying information on covid -19 cleaning with what it entails.

The ATP testing gives accurate points of bacteria and pathogens and “hot spots” that need heavier cleaning Medical steam cleaning is run at 9 bar of pressure of dry steam at 175deg killing 99.999% of bactria and pathogens also using its integrated detergent application to apply disinfectant that kills the virus and pathogens. After all touchpoints are steamed and treated the Foggers are introduced, misting a fine airbourne dilutant of disinfectant into the air the sytem will supersaturate the environment with the detergent. This will allow all areas not treted by the steam claner to have a layer of anti-viral detergent present on all surfaces.

You can safely enter after just 15 minutes after the fogging, however, we would advise ventilating for an hour if possible.

This is a difficult one as it entierly depends if an infected person or new viruses and pathogens are introduced. The anti viral viracide will go a long way to preventing the re introduction and the virus will find it hard to live on surfaces treated. This is why we suggest normal everyday cleaning to be used and for our deep clean system to come in weekly to re test the areas most effected.

Yes we have full public liability insurance up to 5 million in damages.

Yes, we would need to know the extent of the infection and would only clean after the two weeks isolation have finished.

e.g. school hall, warehouse, large delivery area.
Yes, the large fogger can saturate the atmosphere upto 1200m3 without moving the unit. with unit movement the unit can quickly saturate any large area.

e.g. school hall, warehouse, large delivery area.
Whilst the cleaning process is the most indepth and comprehensive clean we can undertake, as covid-19 is such a new virus the ways it is being understood and cleaning sytems developing daily with new virasides being developed all the time as more is understood of the spread no guarantee can be given. But that being said the ATP test will prove the premesis has been cleaned to a healthcare standard and that is the most comprehensive clean avaliable.

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“Very happy to recommend, service was prompt and thorough and as it was completed outside of working hours had no impact on our business.”

Mike Smith – Chester, UK